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Wellness visits are an integral part of preventing illness and diseases from developing. Men and women in the Washington, D.C. area who need to schedule a wellness visit should make an appointment with Milca Kaplan, CRNP at Metrobest Clinic. With more than a decade of clinical experience, Milca brings knowledge and expertise to every patient she sees. Contact her office to make your appointment, or schedule your visit using our online system today.

Wellness Visits Q & A

What are wellness visits?

Wellness visits are a vital part of your health plan. These visits are also known as annual visits, year check-ups, or preventive visits.

Wellness visits are often confused with yearly physicals. Though they have some similarities, each one has a different focus. A physical is essentially a check-up of your health status. These may be required to attend school, play a sport, or get a job. A wellness visit is focused on preventive care and has a goal to help you live a healthier life.

Men and women on Medicare often undergo wellness visits and use it as a time to coordinate care between physicians they see regularly.

Why should I schedule a wellness visit?

Regular wellness visits provide you with many benefits. Since they focus on preventive care, they can help with early detection of disease. They are also an excellent time for you and your doctor to discuss your concerns and health goals and make a plan to achieve them.

What can I expect during my wellness visit?

When you visit Milca Kaplan at Door to Door Health Care for a wellness visit, your experience will be unique to you. No wellness visit is the same, as your age, history, and concerns will dictate how Milca provides care for you.

An average wellness visit includes:

  • Checking your vital signs
  • Taking your weight and height
  • Checking the abdomen and thyroid gland
  • Discussing any chronic conditions
  • Making plans to address health goals and concerns

What should I bring with me to my first wellness visit?

Though you may not be required to bring anything with you to a wellness visit, it can be useful to prepare for your examination beforehand.

You may want to bring:

  • A complete list of your medications
  • A list of the medical care professionals you see
  • Your health history
  • Family health history information
  • A list of questions or concerns you want to discuss

Regular wellness visits are an essential part of preventive care and helping you lead a healthier life. To schedule your wellness visit with Milca Kaplan, CRNP at Door to Door Health Care, be sure to call her office today or schedule your appointment online.