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Asthma can make breathing difficult, and having an asthma treatment plan in place is essential to staying healthy. If you have trouble breathing, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with Milca Kaplan, CRNP at Metrobest Clinic. Serving the Washington, D.C. area, Milca and her staff take a whole-patient approach to care and focus on you, not your disease. Schedule your appointment with Milca online or by calling her office today.

Asthma Q & A

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that impacts the respiratory system. If you have asthma, your air passages become inflamed when exposed to a trigger. When this happens, your airways tighten, and your lungs increase mucus production, which makes it difficult for you to breath. That's what is known as an asthma attack.

Triggers vary for each person. Some people may react poorly to smoke in the air, while allergens such as pollen or dust may trigger others.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Asthma symptoms include:

  • Wheezing when breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Chronic cough
  • Difficulty breathing

Who gets asthma?

Women, men, and children of all ages can get asthma. Some people may experience asthma as a child only to have symptoms disappear later in life. Others may develop asthma for the first time as an adult.

Conditions such as allergies may also develop asthma symptoms. By managing your allergies, your asthma symptoms can subside.

How is asthma diagnosed?

Milca starts your diagnosis with an examination and by discussing your symptoms and medical history. A spirometry test also helps diagnose asthma. This test involves inhaling and exhaling into a tube and measuring your lung function.

Are asthma and COPD the same thing?

No. Asthma is a chronic disease. Damage to the lungs causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). That includes conditions like emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Both make breathing difficult, but the treatment options for them differs.

What types of asthma are there?

There are several types of asthma, some of which are caused by chronic illnesses and diseases. Some types of asthma include:

  • Exercise-induced asthma
  • Cough-variant asthma
  • Nighttime asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis (asthma caused by allergies)

How is asthma treated?

There is no cure for asthma, but it's manageable. When you meet with Milca, she creates a treatment plan for your asthma based on the type of asthma you have and the symptoms you exhibit. Common asthma treatment options include:

  • Bronchodilator inhalers
  • Steroid inhalers
  • Oral medications
  • Treatment of allergy symptoms
  • Avoidance of asthma triggers

Milca uses a combination of treatments and medications to relieve your symptoms and help you feel your best.

If you have asthma, having a treatment plan in place is vital. Make an appointment with Milca Kaplan at Door to Door Health Care today to get started on a treatment plan to help you breath easier. You can schedule your appointment online or by calling her office.