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Here at Metrobest Clinic, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of virtual and telehealth services to our patients to treat a variety of conditions. Some of our services include:

Telehealth Rockville, MD


We understand that it is not always possible for you to come into our office for a visit, so we have taken the appropriate steps to give you better access to the quality care you deserve.

With the help of telemedicine we are able to bring our services to you, overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and even illness so that you have access to your provider when you need it most.

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Women's Health Rockville, MD

Women's Health

MetroBest Clinic helps treat menopause, hormone imbalance, and weight gain for women.

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle free of harmful chemicals and substances. In today’s modern society, we are easily exposed to so many different pollutants, and this exposure makes living a healthy lifestyle especially tricky. A healthy body requires constant maintenance and clean fuel in the tank to perform at its best. By refraining from exposing your body to harmful chemicals, establishing a healthy regimen of nutrition, and tending to your body’s needs, you can reach optimal health.

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Medical Cannabis Evaluations Rockville, MD

Medical Cannabis Evaluations

Metrobest Clinic offers medical cannabis evaluations to determine if you qualify for medical cannabis.

To obtain a medical marijuana Patient & Caregiver Registry Card, the patient must:

  1. Be suffering from one of the qualifying conditions listed by the state.
  2. The patient must go through an evaluation with a physician who is Certified to Recommend by the state of issuance.
  3. Lastly, once a positive recommendation from your licensed physician is submitted, the state will review the need, and determine eligibility for the medical marijuana card.

Caregivers are also allowed to register and receive medical marijuana cards on behalf of their patients.
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Medically Supervised Weight Loss rockville md

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Carrying excess weight not only prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest but can lead to many preventable diseases. Yet reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge for many people. With our medically supervised weight loss program, we are confident you can finally get down to your healthy goal weight.

Two key components are responsible for our success: accountability and lifestyle change. It's not enough to just eat less and move more. We will guide you on what to eat, how to move, and how to build healthy habits. Knowing that you have someone to support and guide you on your weight-loss journey will help you weather the difficult times and reach your goal.

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Vitamins and Supplements rockville md

Vitamins and Supplements

With today's modern lifestyle, it isn't easy to get 100% of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain optimal health. Nor is it always possible through diet alone. The body produces Vitamin D through sunlight exposure, but in the winter, we get less exposure to sunlight. It makes sense to add a Vitamin D supplement to your regular routine.

Many of my patients are interested in building up a strong immune system. Good sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are a good start. Adding a multivitamin is one more step you can take to build a strong immune system.

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